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What is a Patchwork Quilt

A patchwork quilt is a quilt in which the top layer may consist of pieces of fabric sewn together to form a design.  The quilt is formed of three layers: the patchwork quilt top, a layer of insulation wadding (batting) and a layer of the backing material. These three layers are stitched together (“quilted”), either by hand or machine.

The Quilting can either outline the patchwork motifs, or be a completely independent design, for when quilting, the design may not necessarily follow the patchwork design, and the design of the quilting may play off the patchwork design. Outline quilting is when the pieces of the pattern are outlined by the quilting stitches.  Quilt tops that are composed of separate blocks or elements sewn together. Originally, these pieces started simply and were the result of a functional approach to saving old scraps of discarded fabric. The evolution of the patchwork quilt began with the first settlers and continued to grow as colonization expanded in the 1800s.

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 Inspirational Quilter

The love of Quilting

Quilting is my zen, it’s my passion. It reminds me of my grandma, and those beautiful evenings spent with her listening to her stories watching her hand quilt those beautiful quilts we all snuggled in.

I took up quilting at the time of my life when I needed it the most, It gave me hope and peace. It added colours to my life. Gifting it to my loved ones and looking at their happy faces made me happy.  I started three years ago and since then I have quilted almost every night.

Today I am launching this page so that I can create more and reach out more and turn my passion into this little magical adventure.

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Happy Customer

I have one of Aunty Dee’s quilt received as a present last year. It’s a personalised one with my name embroidered in Pink and lovely floral patchwork. It’s made with flannelette and mink fabric and it’s so soft and cuddly. I sleep in it every night doesn’t matter what season it is. Mum has washed it few times and it’s become softer and fluffier.
My quilt goes with me everywhere! Thank you Aunty Dee for making it and gifting it to me!


Amazing Quilts

I received a quilt as a Christmas present last year and I was amazed by the amount of work which had gone into it. For me, it was a piece of art, not just a quilt. Done in a lap quilt size with my favourite sunflowers as appliqués, Dee has written ( quilted) a story on to the quilt. It was about me, my family and the things I loved, as if the quilt was not a quilt, but a blank piece of paper. It was so beautiful and heartwarming and most importantly it was specially made for me!
Thank you so much Dee. God bless you. You always know how to touch the hearts.

Handmade Delight

Love my quilts. Dee delivered to perfection for my personal order. Colour is so important to me and Dee has a magic eye for it. On each occasion I was blown away with what she produced. I love the weight for comfort and both quilts are handcrafted beautifully. Next order will be very small pink or blue in December. Love working with you Dee such happy personalised service.

Beautifully Made

Beauifully made to suit your liking. Sewn especially for you, babies up to grandmothers.
I would highly recommend Dee to anyone looking for that special gift. The perfection in each piece personally done one can see it is done with Love… I cannot thank Dee enough for giving me exactly what I asked her to do and was so extremely satisfied with the finished result. PERFECT!

Comfy, softest quilt EVER!

I got my first ever personalised quilt from Queensland Quilts and I am extremely impressed with the product I received. Not only is the quilt beautifully made it is also very comfortable and regulates my body temperature very well, as it contains high quality, hypoallergenic bamboo batting.
I use it during summer and winter and it is the most comfortable and softest blanket I own. I could not recommend Dee highly enough for her fantastic attention to detail, exceptional customer service and the love that she puts into each personalised quilt.

Surpassed my expectations

I am so happy to write this testimonial for Dee from Queensland Quilts.
I have one of her quilts which she made for me. I wanted a quilt which I could carry with me as I do fly in fly out work to mine sites and I wanted something which was nice and warm and reminded me of home when I was in the camp. Dee surpassed the expectations by making me a massive king size patchwork quilt, with exceptional quality fabric and quilting.
Even though I didn’t tell her about the colour choice she asked me about my childhood memories of old quilts I had seen and the farming properties we had owned. She incorporated the Gumtree greens and rustic reds in the quilt theme which was so fantastic. Thank you to her and all the best for her Queensland Quilts!